Featured Dental Laboratory Services

We provide you a wide range of services and restorative options, matched with a high standard for quality & customer service. You can expect first-class service paired with industry leading quality products. You’ll experience the same technician working closely with you on every case from quick turnarounds to complex cases. We stand behind our products – warranty included

Crown & Bridge

Kinetic Dental Lab is regarded as a leader in the field of crowns and bridges in the lower mainland. Our experienced ceramists are skilled in delivering a translucent, natural tooth solution, perfectly matched to existing teeth, making them virtually undetectable in situ. We design all crown and bridge work in our lab, maintaining the highest quality for each case.

Whether it is digital or traditional crown and bridge, we offer premium products that are certified in the dental industry. We focus on patient comfort, satisfaction, and compatibility.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the appearance of your patients’ teeth and correct their dental imperfections. Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening, correcting alignments, and utilizing veneers. At Kinetic Dental Lab, Cosmetic Dentistry is of the highest standards. We understand what smile means to each person. Smile can open doors to new future of self-expression and confidence both personally and professionally.

Implant Dentistry

We use dental implant system as it offers our clients and their patients a unique combination of long term reliability, simplicity of use and a high degree of versatility, allowing us to achieve predictable results in any clinical situation.

Digital technology and on-site service allow our dental laboratory to deliver “Made in Canada” restorations, a guarantee for constant high quality and attractive prices.

Digital Impressions

Kinetic Dental Laboratory uses the very latest in dental technology to deliver outstanding solutions for dental practitioners in Burnaby and throughout Lower Mainland. The world of Cad-Cam and digital dentistry has changed and improved dramatically in the last few years. We have invested heavily in this new digital market and has taken time to study these advancements in the dental Industry.
Our digital lab can receive files from all intra oral scanners on the market to date. This new technology helps work flow within the lab and assists dentists when taking their impressions and case planning with our laboratory.

Treatment Planning

We work closely with doctor to create optimal treatment plans and to visualize the final result before starting the procedure. By reviewing and sharing the technical challenges of the case, we work together and find the best solution with a predictable outcome. With proper planning, communication and team work, we can achieve the desired results for your patients. Our team is expert in implants, restorative and esthetic dental solutions.

Before & After simulations are the ultimate communication tool between doctor and patient, greatly enhancing case acceptance. These simulations are a visualization of what can be done to improve the patient's smile and self confidence.

Shade Matching

Creating an accurate colour match is a complex skill that requires a strong understanding of the interplay of hue, value, chroma, translucency – to name just a few of the factors. At Kinetic Dental Lab, we draw on decade of experience in expert colour matching, creating dental products that dentists and their patients are consistently delighted with.

Your patients will be greeted by our professional staff in reception, acquainted with the procedure and then made to feel welcome and comfortable in our shade taking clinic. Digital photographs are taken and a series of colour tabs are used to identify the closest match the colour of the natural tooth. All digital photos are held on record and help with the contrasts, value, hue and chroma when making the restoration.

Front teeth are the most difficult teeth to match and sometimes we encourage patients to come back for a second or third visit to ensure we get a result everyone is happy with.

Holistic Dentistry

We takes patients well being to heart. With that in mind, we take great care to offer a large variety of products that are in line with the Holistic approach to dentistry. Holistic dentistry studies the balance and relationship between a patient’s mouth and the rest of their body. It is centered around the belief that proper nutrition, healthy eating habits as well as the use of non-toxic restorative materials is essential to oral health and the overall health of the patient.

We offer a full range of metal-free restorative options, as well as a complete Titanium system which enables us to use the most bio compatible materials available.